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Our goal is to provide quality cleaning and repair services in a manner that least impacts the integrity of your clock. Clocks received for cleaning and repairs are fully inspected to determine their needs. Should anything above a normal cleaning be required, you will be informed in detail as to its needs prior to the work commencing.

Cleanings start at $90.00 per train (determined by the number of weights or key holes normally).  Return time to the customer is approximately three to four months, as I run them here for several weeks to ensure proper operation.  All clock repairs come with a one-year guarantee on workmanship unless noted prior to repair.​

Yes, I do fix cuckoo clocks, 400 day clocks, electric and battery clocks, too!  Age doesn’t matter; if you love the clock, I will do my best to restore it for you.  

I am available to make “house calls,” but due to gas prices and time taken away from the shop, there is a fee based on distance. Should you wish to bring your clock to me for a free estimate, please stop in during normal business hours or call and we will set an appointment to view your clock.

Please note; if you are going to move any clock from its normal location, it is always advisable to remove the pendulum (and weights where applicable) before you lift or move it. You can damage parts as well as the case, costing you more for repairs.​

I also buy and sell mechanical clocks, ranging from antique (1800’s to 1920’s) to “vintage” (1930’s to present) as well as antique music boxes and phonographs.  The clocks I sell have been dismantled and cleaned by hand and have been run for at least three weeks before they are offered for sale. I offer a one year guarantee on all clocks, provided they are properly handled (abuse and neglect voids this guarantee).  Please view my clocks for sale and their descriptions.